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Tanzania's Culture is rich, unique, dynamic yet diverse. Our diversity is our togetherness as this reflects the ideals which were introduced by Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere who said "Culture is the essence and spirit of a Nation." Indeed it has become the part of the way we define our values, traditions and behaviours.

One of the finest means of Communication between people is for people to get to know each other's culture and through Arts, Tingatinga welcomes you to the one of the renowned culture of Tanzania - Tingatinga paintings.. These paintings express real things rather than to present it exactly, what seems to be clumsiness, a distortion of reality, consists in fact in emphasizing the main features in a grphical simplified manner.Realism is superseded by what becomes an image stylised to the essence


First of all, this was the name of a person and in Islamic families in Tanzania, the new born child is given one name, which is then followed by father’s name and finally the grandfather’s name. Hence the full name is Edward (personal name) Saidi (father’s name) Tingatinga (grandfather’s name). Edward was born in the settlement of Mindu, and if looked in the road map of Tanzania it is not found, in fact there is not much left of this settlement itself and the house where he was born is now completely grounded. Mindu was with its own missionary school and dispensary, the settlement has disintegrated with the departure of young generation and is now left with very few old people. Edward attended Mindu Mission Primary School from Standard 1 to standard 4. In those days most of parents of the makua parents used to send their children to school up to the exam of standard four. If failing or economic condition would not allow it, children would stay at homes and help their families for domestic tasks and farming. And so did Edward until 1957; his mother had died four years ago. When Edward reached 25 years old he tried his chance at Tanga region and worked there on one of the sisal plantation estates. Being the big brother, naturally he became the bread provider for his siblings and soon as he had settled in Tanga, he send for them to join him.

In 1959, Edward marked his first move to the economic capital of Tanzania and finds himself staying at his cousin called Salum Mussa, living at Msasani resident Area. At the very same place he started working as gardener. In 1961 as Tanganyika got its independence, things start to change, colonial rule ended and the process of building a new nation started, mobilizing all human resources available. The industrious Edward could not feel contended with the job of a gardener, in 1968 he got hired as ward attendant at Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es salaam paid 75 shilings which was better than the one he earned as a gardener. In 1967 Edward got married to Agatha Mataka at St. Peter’s church and soon they had a son, Daudi born of July 15, 1966. Now Edward is married, has a government job, he stated doing the first of his paintings which he intended to sell on the streets, while his activity as a painter becomes more successful, Edward Saidi Tingatinga involved more and more of his relatives, first to help him prepare the materials he needed but also to bring his finished paintings to the sale point, he also allowed them to do like him and produce their own paintings. In the meantime, as his paintings seem to meet the needs of a receptive market, Edward Saidi Tingatinga progressively accept to have a couple of his jobless relatives to integrate the group, they are his cousins Kaspar Henrick Tedo and Ajaba Abdallah the son of another cousin, these three students were close to Tingatinga as they were the member of the same tribe, the Makua. Edward had another family from the Makonde tribe where he had found his wife. He took in his brother in-law from the makonde tribe, January John Linda and ADEUSI Mandu Mmatambwe (NB: when Tingatinga died, his family fell apart , Adeusi was the only one to help the stranded Agatha and her two children). These three relatives (Mpata, Tedo and Ajaba) and the two friends from Makonde (Linda and Adeusi) will constitute the first generation of of Tingatinga painters.


Drawn by E.Tingatinga

Drawn by E.Tingatinga

Drawn by E.Tingatinga

Edward S. Tingatinga

Drawn by E.Tingatinga's Student

Drawn by E.Tingatinga

Drawn by E.Tingatinga's Student

Edward S. Tingatinga
presenting one of the artwork

In 1970, on the working point of view, he was enjoying his government job, and had even started to pain in his own private initiative and his paintings were selling relatively well and generated an additional income. His life was already a very much successful story when it took a new momentum in 1971 from an official institution, the National Development Corporation. Under the initiative of Mr Berger a UK expatriate working as a high ranking advisor to NDC and as a newly assigned NAT chairman, the Tingatinga painters signed a CONTRACT with NDC to provide National Arts of Tanzania (NAT) with a supply of new paintings every Friday. In consequence, Edward decided to quit his job as a ward attendant in view to devote entirely to a more lucrative painting occupation. In 1972, may 17th, Edward was reported shot dead by Mrs H.Pundugu who was the director of the criminal investigation department at that time declaring to the daily news that “The police gave chase to in patrol and fired a warning pistol shot into the air but the car couldn’t stop, then police aimed at the tyres but stray bullets killed one of the occupants and slightly injured another. Edward’s agonizing body was taken out of the car later taken to muhimbili hospital.” In the early hours of may 18th 1972, the deceased was non other than Edward Saidi Tingatinga and so came to an end of a young artist’s career E.S.Tingatinga and was buried at Msasani Village Cemetery in Dar e salaam.


Sanaa ya TingaTinga na Ushirika. Eduadi s, Tingatinga hakuacha ushirika, ushirika umeanzishwa na wanafunzi wake baada ya Eduadi kufariki, wachoraji waliokuepo nyakatihizo walishauriana wakaanzisha partnership namo mwaka 1976 walikamilisha usajili wa USHIRIKA, kolamu ya wachoraji waliosajili ni watu 15, kama walivyo elekezwa na serekali manispaa ya wilaya ya kinondoni jijini Dar es salaam, USHIRIKA ulidumu kwa muda wa miaka 15, Namo mwaka 1989 wachoraji hawo walishauliana kuhusu swala la kujiunga na ushirika walifikia mwaafaka na kufuatilia taratibu za usajili wa chama cha ushirika na wakakamilisha usajili namo mwaka 1990 kwa usajiri N0> DSR, 410. Jina la chama limetokana na wanachama kushauriana kwa pamoja wakaamua kutumia jina la mwanzilishi kwa lengo la kumuenzi, jina la chama ni TINGATINGA ARTS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED, idadi ya wanachama atunakikomo huwa inapanda na kushuka kwa sasa kuna wanachama 55, Ambao sio wanachama 45 jumla ya wachoraji ni 100, wanachama wote upatikana eneo husika na ambao sio wanachama baaziyao wapo ARUSHA na ZANZIBAR hadi nchi jirani wameenda kutafuta maisha kama ilivyokuwa kwa MPATA Ila chama kinamtambua mchoraji aliopo eneo husika wapo watu 90, wanachama 55 ambao sio wanachama 35, shughuli za chama hiki zinafanyika Morogoro stoo OYTERBAY DAR-ES-ALAAM, katiba au masharti ya chama viongozi wanatoka katika wanachama wenyewe uchaguliwa na wanachama ktk mkutano mkuu wa uchaguzi viongozi ukaa madarakani kwa muda wa miaka mitatu tu, idadi ya viongozi inategemea na mapendekezo ya wanachama lakini inaanza na watu 5 au 7 adi tisa, Hiyo ni sheria ya USHIRIKA NCHINI..


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Members Portfolio

The following are the members of the Tingatinga Arts, each with a profile for history in swahili language, these profiles are about history of each member, and how they started to get involved with art currently known as TINGATINGA

Artist: Amani Hamisi Kalembo

Contact: +255718057168

Artist: Abbasy Rafiki

Contact: +255788328735

Artist: Abdalla Saidi Chilamboni

Contact: +255717809965

Artist: Abdul Amonde Mkura

Contact: .......

Artist: Amadi Rashidi Mruta

Contact: +255652944278

Artist: Amina Rashidi Mlaponi

Contact: +255715917781

Artist: Bakari Abdalla Wasia

Contact: +255653073970

Artist: Emilias Omari Chilamboni

Contact: +255715105921

Artist: Gayo Peter Petherya

Contact: +255684854541

Artist: Ajaba Issa Akirita

Contact: +255783958851

Artist: Agnes Mwidadi Mpata

Contact: +255754343875

Artist: Akilimali Issa Abdala

Contact: +255754343875

Artist: Majidu Muhidini Change

Contact: +255715272452

Artist: Martina Tingatinga

Daughter of Tingatinga

Contact: +255713911881

Artist: Mohamed Ali Yasini

Contact: +255718709422

Artist: Mohamed Said Chilamboni

Contact: +255714941784

Artist: Rashidi Saidi Chilamboni

Contact: +255688373894

Artist: Ramadhani Ally Mamgula

Contact: +255687995594

Artist: Noeli Peter Kambili

Contact: +255652050912

Artist: Omari Saidi Adam

Contact: +255653851882

Artist: Rajabu Muradi Zaburi

Contact: +2557185682710

Artist: Raymond Peter Kambili

Contact: ---------

Artist: Rubuni Rashidi Saidi

Contact: +255752529567

Artist: Salum Yusuf Issa Namkala

Contact: +255658200918

Artist: Steven Saisi Mkumba

Contact: +255693301503

Artist: Zena Ally Salum

Contact: +255712467655

Artist: Zuberi Daimu Maulana

Contact: +255765370227

Artist: Suwedi Thabiti Mchisa

Contact: +255755944842

Artist: Jafari Mimu Saidi

Contact: +255745751335

Artist: Marus Malikita

Contact: +255713911881

Artist: Mkura Abdul Amonde

Contact: ------

Artist: Mwatuka Salum Musa

Contact: +255713419745

Artist: Abbasy Mbuka Kiando

Contact: +255655586940

Artist: Mohamedi Bakari Kolumba

Contact: +255754424303

Artist: Mustafa Abdalla Yusuf

Contact: +255754424303

Artist: Rajabu Duke Lyame

Contact: +255714877158

Artist: Sharifa Salum Musa

Contact: +255714817913

Artist: Yasini Hasani Kamale

Contact: +255 713920485

Artist: Zachi Zaburi Chimwanda

Contact: +255658980498

Artist: Lukas Modestus Ndunguru

Contact: +255713419745

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